This 19-Year-Old Girl Met Up With Her Ex-Boyfriend Right Before Starting College In 2016 And Was Never Seen Again 

Tyarra Williams of Greensboro, North Carolina, was known for her kind nature and big heart.

And during her junior year of high school, she became very passionate about helping children. After all, Tyarra grew up with a younger brother with whom she was very protective over.

She also hoped to specifically help children with special needs and, by her senior year of high school, began working toward that goal.

Tyarra first moved into her grandmother’s Stoneybrook Apartment Complex in an effort to become more independent. Then, after graduating high school, she took a gap year before preparing for college in December of 2015.

That month, she registered at Guilford Technical Community College as an early childhood development and education major. And on the morning of January 7, 2016, Tyarra’s higher education dreams were all about to come true.

That day, she traveled to the college to pick up her student ID and register for classes. And afterward, Tyarra went to her mother, Danielle’s, apartment. The pair planned to go back-to-school shopping for supplies and textbooks the very next day.

Then, in the evening, Tyarra’s boyfriend, Aaron, visited to attend family dinner and watch some TV.

But, at 8:30 p.m., Tyarra, her younger brother, and Aaron all left her mother’s apartment– and Tyarra was never seen again.

Facebook; pictured above is Tyarra

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