This 7-Year-Old California Boy Rescued A Toddler From The Bottom Of His Apartment Complex’s Pool

Massiah Browne, a seven-year-old boy from Sacramento, California, is being dubbed a hero after he helped save a toddler who was drowning.

The Browne family had visited their apartment complex’s pool to escape the heat this past week, and while Massiah was swimming with his nine-year-old relative, he noticed something was very wrong.

“I was just playing in the pool when I saw a boy at the bottom of the pool. And I went to go get him,” the second-grader recalled in an interview with Good Morning America.

Massiah proceeded to dive six feet below the pool’s surface and pull a three-year-old boy out of the water.

And after Massiah’s incredible rescue, his nine-year-old relative Savannah placed the boy onto the pool deck while adults called 911.

Tiara Delvalle– Massiah’s mom– was also alerted of the incident and came running from her apartment. She performed CPR on the toddler until first responders arrived on the scene.

According to the Sacramento Fire Department, the toddler was transported to the hospital in critical condition while undergoing advanced life support efforts by Sacramento firefighters.

Tiara has also remained in contact with the toddler’s mother, who has reported the boy is recovering well.

Instagram; pictured above is Massiah

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