He Got Stood Up By A Regular At His Bar After He Asked Her Out On A Date, So When She Came In With Some Friends Afterward, He Basically Kicked Her Out

estradaanton - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

This twenty-nine-year-old man owns and operates a bar in a mid-sized town. He does have a few employees, but most nights, he just mans the bar himself.

Anyway, he noticed that a new girl named Katie started frequenting his bar about three months ago. She became sort of a regular customer there, and it appeared that one of Katie’s friends had known another bartender.

So, they all got to know each other casually. And then, while swiping on a dating app not long afterward, he happened to match with Katie.

“We started talking for over a month, and I kind of liked her, so I ended up asking her on a date this past weekend,” he explained.

He actually planned the whole thing out a week in advance, and throughout the days leading up to the date, phone conversations were flowing, and everything was totally normal. But then, “date day” came around, and Katie was totally missing in action.

In fact, she completely ghosted him. Katie did not respond to any of his messages leading up to the date. But, he still held onto hope that she would show up at their agreed-upon restaurant and went anyway.

“I waited ten minutes and then left. I was really embarrassed, but it happens. And I did not think I would see her again,” he said.

Well, lo and behold, guess who walked into his bar just last night? Katie. And she did not even try to hide her face, either.

Instead, Katie sat right at the bar with two of her friends. Plus, since he was the only bartender on duty last night, he was forced to face her.

estradaanton – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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