Her Husband Just Revealed To Her That He Had A Daughter From A One-Night Stand, And She Feels That He Just Ruined Her Life With This Information

Her heart dropped, and she rushed to find him. When she did find him and saw him having what appeared to be a breakdown, she thought someone had died.

It took her husband close to half an hour to calm down enough to tell her what was wrong, and when he did, she was blindsided.

“He reminded me of the third year of our marriage when he started drinking and fighting with everybody,” she explained.

“I said what about it, and he told me that he had a one-night stand around the time of his brother’s wedding and got the woman pregnant. I was stunned, completely stunned.”

“He said that every single one of the family knew, and they pressured him to “do the right thing” and be a dad for this child, but he refused. As a result, his family fought with him, but the woman still kept the baby, which was a girl, but she died at the age of 5 months due to health problems.”

When her husband’s family found out that her husband’s daughter had died, they freaked out on him, and that’s what caused his drinking to spiral out of control, leading him into a deep depression.

Her husband admitted that he felt really guilty about his daughter dying, and he also felt terrible that he had rejected his daughter too.

Her husband then said that he had been to see his daughter several times before she passed away, and he had even held her in his arms.

Her husband had considered being there for his daughter, but the only thing that stopped him from doing that was her.

He was terrified that if she found out about his daughter, she would leave him. After her husband got all of this off his chest, she sat down beside him and didn’t know what to even say to him.

“He started crying, saying that he was sorry and that he made a mistake, but his daughter meant something to him, and he just couldn’t hide it anymore,” she said.

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