His Wife Constantly Badgers Him To Give Her Money Every Month, But He Just Found Out That She Has $40,000 In One Of Her Bank Accounts

He doesn’t have anything close to $40,000 in any bank account with his name on it (except his 401k).

“I confronted her about this and asked why she felt she could demand money out of me when she clearly had enough,” he said.

“She immediately flipped her lid, saying that she never lied to me. This is a significant source of stress every day.”

“Half the time she comes to talk to me, it’s about money, which is a topic that just makes me sick at this point. I legitimately believe her personal goal is for me to have $0 in all my accounts while she holds all the money in her own.”

He’s left wondering how he can handle this enormous issue of money in their marriage. Do you think there’s a way he can address this effectively?

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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