His Wife Constantly Badgers Him To Give Her Money Every Month, But He Just Found Out That She Has $40,000 In One Of Her Bank Accounts

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A 37-year-old guy is currently married to his 35-year-old wife, and money is a major point of contention in their marriage.

He and his wife don’t share their bank accounts, and his wife has a part-time job making about $600 every month after paying taxes.

In contrast, he has a full-time job, and after paying taxes, he brings home around $4,000 every month.

He pays for the mortgage on their house, their homeowner’s insurance, all of their utility bills, and nearly all of their food.

He also foots the bill for them to have Netflix, Spotify, YouTube Premium, and internet. His wife only pays for her cellphone bill and her IRA. Occasionally, she will pitch in and help cover the costs of their food.

“Every biweekly payday, I send her $550,” he explained. “And nearly every time, she begins talking about how little money she has and how she needs more.”

“She picks at that scab relentlessly, going as far as to get angry and belligerent. I tell her that she can either work more or spend less because $1,100/month is my limit.”

Well, a couple of weeks back, he saw that his wife was on her phone looking at one of her bank accounts online.

He could clearly see that his wife somehow had $40,000 in that specific account, and that shocked him.

ZoomTeam – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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