People Who Work With Dead Bodies Reveal The Surprising Things About What Truly Happens After We Die

“I am a mortuary grad. If you donate your body to a medical school, they don’t have to accept your ‘gift,’ as they call it. And if they do, we morts will prep your body in a very specific way according to their guidelines.”

“Most require cadavers to have full removal of hair (head, facial, including eyebrows) to ‘take away the personality.'”

“And no matter what school you go to, you will probably sit in a freezer for about a year or two. Sometimes, you also won’t be a full cadaver. Your feet could go to one class and your torso to another.”

“You will be there, usually, for the duration of the student’s stay. So, your body could very well be used for three-plus years.”

“And you will have a funeral paid for by the school. You will be cremated with the rest of the cadavers and honored at a big celebration. Funeral directors and the faculty of the school will speak, and your family will be in attendance.”


Did you know any of these unsettling facts? 

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