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She Found Out Her Parents Are Currently Panhandling And Living On The Streets, But She’s Refusing To Take Them In Or Give Them Money

Unfortunately, though, the celebration did not last long– because just one year later, at twenty-five, she learned her parents had lost custody of her siblings.

Then, CPS contacted her and asked if she would be able to care for even just one sibling. But, being their older sister, she pledged to take care of everyone.

“I know it’s not my responsibility, but a part of me always wanted to get them out of that. Only now, I have a good job,” she said.

Anyway, even though her house is not the largest, she and her husband were able to fit in all five of her siblings. And they are not too tight financially right now, which is a plus.

On top of that, her siblings have all been really great. They are polite and affectionate, and even her husband is getting along great with them. He has since taken on a “big brother” role.

However, after her parents initially tried to get custody back and failed, she has not spoken to them in about two years. So, hearing that her parents ended up homeless and panhandling was a surprise.

It all began after she received a call from her aunt, who claimed they were shocked to see her parents living and asking for money on the street.

Then, she learned that her family was trying to find a shelter to house them. But, in the meantime, her aunt basically just called to see if she would help shelter them or give them money since she has a great job now.

“I said, ‘Nah, I pass. For them? No. I’d rather give this money to their children I raise,'” she explained.

Ever since telling her aunt that, though, her entire family has begun blowing up her phone.

They are claiming that she is coldhearted for turning her back on her parents and not helping them even though she has the means.

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