She Overheard Her Friend Saying That She Was Planning To Leave Her Boyfriend, So She Told Him

She had been doing a pub crawl with some friends and, at one of the stops, spotted Ruby. Ruby was not acting like her usual self, though. Instead, she seemed to be “back to normal.”

“Ruby was her old self– laughing, having fun, cracking jokes. She was the life of the party. I didn’t know any of these people, and I suspected Tom didn’t either,” she explained.

The odd sighting pushed her to text Tom to fill him in. But he did not answer, and she didn’t want to just let this go.

So, when Ruby went outside with some friends, she followed them and did a bit of eavesdropping. And what she gathered from their conversation was pretty upsetting.

“I was lucky they were talking about Ruby’s plans, and it seems that she is planning on leaving Tom. She’s sick of him not working and ignoring her but has been stuck because he does not work,” she said.

On top of that, Ruby revealed how she saved up enough money for herself as well as a few months of cash to cover Tom’s living expenses once they parted ways. Plus, she had a plane ticket and house all sorted out already.

After saying that to a friend, though, Ruby spotted her and did not say anymore. Instead, Ruby apparently looked at her with disgust before switching to speaking in another language.

So, she immediately hailed a taxi and went straight to Tom’s house to share what she had overheard. But, once she got there, Tom did not believe her. Instead, he told her to “stop being silly” and said that Ruby had no reason to leave him.

In turn, there was nothing more she could do, and she simply hung out with Tom for the rest of the evening. They ended up getting a bit drunk and playing some games. Then, she crashed on Tom and Ruby’s sofa.

She did not even hear Ruby come home that night, but apparently, Ruby was seriously pissed off she was there. Moreover, how she told Tom about what she had heard.

At 2:00 p.m. the next day, Ruby actually woke her up and told her off– calling her a jerk and other choice words– before kicking her out of the house.

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