She Took Her Sister-In-Law’s Wallet And Brought It To Dinner So She Would Not Get Stuck Footing The Bill Again

Alexandr - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

This woman’s sister-in-law, Amy, is twenty-eight years old and always travels from out of town to visit.

Amy often stays with her and her husband instead of getting a hotel. Plus, she always wants to dine at super high-end expensive restaurants.

And this would not be such a problem if Amy ever paid for herself. But, apparently, Amy always forgets her wallet or decides to come up with some excuse why she cannot pay.

“She has even implied that since I make much more money than her, I should be the one to pay. No, not my husband, but me specifically,” she recalled.

And even though she does make a good amount of money, it’s still not enough to just treat people to dinner every single time they come into town.

Still, it has been a moot point in the past because Amy never brought her wallet anyway. So, she would end up paying for Amy and asking to be paid back afterward.

If you could not have guessed, though, Amy never ended up coughing up the cash.

So, when Amy came into town this week and made another reservation at an extremely expensive restaurant, she decided to make sure that Amy would be able to pay.

In fact, while her husband and Amy went out to the car before traveling to dinner, she pretended she had forgotten something and went back inside.

Alexandr – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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