The Terrifying True Tale Of The Real Annabelle Doll And What Her Reign Of Terror Looked Like

Donna reportedly loved the present and excitedly brought it back to her apartment, which she shared with another nurse, Angie.

And at first, the doll was a charming accessory. Donna placed Annabelle on her sofa in the living room, where visitors could be greeted by the doll’s smiling expression.

However, it did not take long for both Donna and Angie to notice that Annabelle had the ability to move throughout the room on her own.

For example, Donna would always sit the doll on her living room sofa before heading out for work in the morning. But, by the afternoon, Annabelle would be in her bedroom. What’s even more frightening is that the door would be shut behind her.

Then, the roommates began finding notes all throughout the apartment that read, “Help Me.” And according to them, these messages were penned on parchment paper– a stationary item neither of the girls even kept in their apartment.

And finally, Angie’s boyfriend, Lou, also had a freaky encounter with the doll one afternoon. While the girls were out, Lou apparently heard a ruckus in Donna’s room and thought someone had broken in.

After he went to inspect the premises, though, he found no sign of forced entry. Instead, he simply found the Annabelle doll lying on the ground face down.

And at that moment, Lou claimed to feel a sudden burning pain in his chest. When he lifted up his shirt, he saw bleeding claw marks running across that allegedly disappeared without a trace just two days later.

Lou’s encounter with the doll understandably freaked Donna and Angie out. So, they invited a medium to their apartment in hopes of solving their supernatural situation.

A seance was conducted by the medium, and the women were told that the doll was inhabited by the spirit of Annabelle Higgins, a deceased seven-year-old girl. And strangely enough, the girl’s body had been recovered years earlier on the same land where their apartment building was constructed.

Nonetheless, the medium also claimed that the girl’s spirit was simply benevolent and yearned to be loved. So, Donna and Angie felt bad and allowed the spirit to remain permanently within the Annabelle doll.

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