He Told His Stepfather He Could Eat Anything He Wanted Since He Pays For The Groceries, But Then His Mom Accused Him Of Financial Abuse

AntonioDiaz - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

This twenty-year-old man’s parents are separated, and since his father is currently working out of the country, he has been living with his mother full-time.

His mom has since remarried, and his stepfather brought two daughters– who are twelve and fourteen– with them from a previous marriage. He also has a half-brother who is six.

In turn, his mother’s house is pretty packed. And unfortunately, money has been quite tight.

“My mom’s husband is unemployed because he was abruptly terminated. And both of them do gigs here and there while he looks for a job, but they barely bring money to the house,” he explained.

At the same time, he is just twenty and works while also being a second-year college student. He has also paid for most of his clothing, hobbies, and some bills ever since he was sixteen. Then, once he turned eighteen, he paid rent and for his car.

So anyway, since his stepfather and stepsiblings are big eaters, he decided to start buying some of his own groceries to keep in the house. And everyone knew that they were just for his consumption.

But, about four months ago, his mom started trying to take advantage of his more steady income out of nowhere.

More specifically, she began asking him to buy things for the house as well as groceries– and the requests just kept piling up.

“So, I am basically paying for all of the food, plus rent, plus driving my stepsister to and from school, among other things,” he vented.

AntonioDiaz – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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