“I Am Evil, I Did This”: Here’s The Alleged Confession Note Penned By Lucy Letby

The murder trial of Lucy Letby, a thirty-two-year-old nurse from the UK, continued yesterday.

Lucy is facing twenty-two charges involving the alleged murder of seven babies– five boys and two girls– and the alleged attempted murder of an additional ten babies.

These seventeen instances of harm or death all took place between June 2015 and June 2016 at the Countess of Chester Hospital, where Lucy worked in the neonatal care unit.

An investigation into the hospital’s growing infant mortality rate was launched in 2017 and indicated Lucy as a prime suspect.

She was later arrested three separate times before being formally charged and taken into custody in 2020.

As of this past Monday, October 10, Lucy’s trial has been underway. And yesterday, October 13, marks the fourth day of the murder trial– in which the prosecution wrapped up its opening statement, and the defense took the floor.

For privacy purposes, all of the children will be referred to as letters A through Q throughout the trial. 

A Play-By-Play Of Trial Day Four – October 13, 2022

Facebook; pictured above is Lucy

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