In 1974, This Teen Vanished While Hitchhiking, And It Is Believed She Was Abducted By A Biker Gang

In 1974, Amy Billig of Coconut Grove, Florida, was just 17-years-old with huge dreams for her future.

The high school senior was a multi-talented musician who loved playing the guitar and flute.

Amy also aspired to be an actress and was known by her parents, Ned and Susan Billig, as a young woman who only saw the good in people.

But, within one ordinary Spring afternoon, the Billig family’s lives would be turned upside down forever.

On March 5, 1974, Amy and a few friends decided to hang out later in the day. The only problem, though, was that she needed some money to meet up with them.

So, after arriving home from school, Amy called her father to ask if she could borrow some cash for the evening. And once her father ultimately agreed, Amy left to go see him at his art gallery.

What exactly happened during Amy’s trip from home to her father’s office has remained a mystery. But Ned sat at his art gallery waiting for his daughter, and she never showed up.

Later that night, Amy’s friends also reported that they never saw Amy at the hangout. Moreover, Amy was never seen by her family or friends again.

Facebook; pictured above is Amy

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