She Needed Emergency Surgery, So She And Her Husband Paid For It Using Their Joint Bank Account, But Now He Wants Her To Pay Him Back By Covering His Vacation Cost

deagreez - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

Just one year ago, this thirty-one-year-old woman was forced to undergo an emergency surgery that cost about three thousand dollars.

So, since she and her husband had both contributed money to a shared bank account over the years, they decided to pay for that hospital bill using their joint savings.

And after the surgery, it took her a whopping six months to recover. But thankfully, her healing did progress smoothly, and she was able to go back to work a few months ago.

Anyway, her husband recently started planning a vacation for him and his buddies– they are hoping to go to a sports resort in December.

And apparently, her husband brought up the cost of the trip– which is five thousand dollars– and asked her to foot the bill using her personal savings account.

She was totally taken aback and asked why the heck she should be responsible for the vacation’s cost. But then, her husband’s reasoning shocked her even more– if that was even possible.

“He brought up how much he paid for my surgery and how that money was supposed to go toward vacation savings,” she recalled.

So, she was basically left explaining the obvious to her husband. More specifically, how her surgery was a literal emergency expense paid for as partners; meanwhile, his vacation is a discretionary expense.

Still, though, her husband apparently did not understand or just simply did not care– because he went on to say the exact circumstances did not matter. According to him, all that mattered was that the “outcome was the same.”

deagreez – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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