She Was Guilted Into Baking A Cake For Her Cousin With The Promise Of Pay, But Then Her Cousin Ghosted Her, Never Paid And Actually Reached Out Four Months Later Asking For Another Cake

So, at that point, she was just sick of being harassed and decided to bake the cake for Janice’s son.

It ended up taking her three days to finish the dessert– all while she was totally sleep-deprived from trying to juggle all of her schoolwork and baking.

But, come Janice’s son’s birthday party, the cake looked fantastic, and everyone loved it. The weird thing, though, is that Janice never ended up paying her that day.

She figured Janice might have just been caught up with all of the festivities and decided she would wait a few days for Janice to reach out. However, Janice never did.

“I tried to call them, no answer. I tried messaging them via our family group chat, no response. And after a week, I messaged Janice and her mother to send them an invoice for everything they needed to pay. Again, no response,” she explained.

At that point, she was pretty irritated. Still, though, she is not the kind of person to get all confrontational. So, she just decided to let it go but concluded that that would be the last time she ever baked something for Janice.

Unfortunately, though, she only got to live Janice-free for a couple of months– because four months after the birthday party, Janice actually had the nerve to message her and ask if she could bake a cake for Janice’s birthday.

Obviously, she refused and reiterated how Janice and Janice’s mother had failed to pay for the three-tiered Cocomelon cake. Shockingly, though, Janice got really defensive.

Janice claimed that she and her mother would pay for both the son’s birthday cake and Janice’s birthday cake now.

But she was not going to fall for that again and told Janice that she would definitely not be baking her birthday cake.

Well, Janice totally lost it after that. In fact, Janice called her a jerk and then had the nerve to claim that the Cocomelon cake should have been free anyway since it was not pretty and did not taste good.

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