7 Years Ago, This 18-Year-Old Was Struck And Killed By A Train In A Case Declared Suicide, But Her Family Says There Are Too Many Strange Details That Point To Foul Play

In 2015, Tiffany Valiante of Mays Landing, New Jersey, was only eighteen years old. She was a star athlete who had just graduated from Oakcrest High School and accepted a volleyball scholarship to attend Mercy College in New York.

During the summer of that year, though, Tiffany would ultimately lose her life and leave her future dreams behind.

It all began on July 12 when she attended her cousin’s graduation party. Her cousin had lived right across the street, so following the event, Tiffany returned home on foot at about 9:30 p.m.

Then, after arriving at her house, she reportedly got into a brief argument with her mother, Diane, outside the front of their home.

Apparently, the mother of Tiffany’s best friend had contacted Diane and told her that Tiffany made an eighty-six dollar purchase on her friend’s debit card without asking for permission.

The argument was short-lived, though, and afterward, Diane went back inside, and Tiffany remained in the front of the house. Once Diane returned to the yard to check on Tiffany, though, she discovered that her daughter was nowhere to be found.

So Diane, Tiffany’s other family members, and friends all began searching for her. Then, just two hours later, they learned that a tragedy had occurred.

At approximately 11:15 p.m. that evening, Tiffany was struck and killed by a train that was traveling eighty miles per hour through a wooded and secluded area about four miles from her home.

Facebook; pictured above is Tiffany

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