After Harry Styles Was Pegged In The Eye With A Skittle During His LA Show, Skittles Took Out A Full-Page Ad And Warned Candy Lovers To Taste The Rainbow Safely

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Harry Styles has arguably the most enthusiastic, love-filled, and dedicated fan base on the planet. Ever since beginning his ongoing second concert tour, Love On Tour, the star has drawn people from all walks of life to his international shows.

Harry’s songs, fashion style, and light-hearted personality also inspire fans of all ages to be themselves, accept others, and spread joy as a tight-knit community. So, if you could not have guessed, his concerts can get pretty insane.

The star often interacts with crowds in between songs– whether that consists of cracking jokes or speaking directly to individual fans in front of entire stadiums.

And while he performs, the sound of concert attendees singing along is nearly deafening.

Not to mention, the outfits that people rock to see the star in action are always inspired by Harry’s own flamboyant and bright wardrobe– making the stadium crowds look like a sea of high fashion fun.

While most of Harry Styles’ fans are quite respectful, though, the star has also endured his fair share of not-so-glamorous on-stage run-ins. And the most recent one simply involved a singular hard candy thrown right at his face.

During his Los Angeles show on Monday, November 14, Harry was in the middle of running across the stage and thanking his fans when one attendee decided to pelt him with a Skittle.

And the tiny sweet treat hit him right in the eye– causing him to wince and hold the area with his hand.

Harry did quickly recover and went on to finish out his setlist. But, Skittles was apparently distraught by the incident and felt inclined to speak out about it on Twitter.

rosinka79 – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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