After Harry Styles Was Pegged In The Eye With A Skittle During His LA Show, Skittles Took Out A Full-Page Ad And Warned Candy Lovers To Taste The Rainbow Safely

“Didn’t think I needed to say this: Please don’t throw Skittles,” the company tweeted on November 15.

The simple post gained over eighty-five thousand likes, prompted seventeen thousand retweets and started a massive comment thread in which countless fans shared their perspective.

Some, like Sunny White, shared slow-motion footage of the Skittle attack.

“An orange Skittle was the killer. Poor baby,” Sunny wrote.

And others simply condemned the fans who felt compelled to hurl objects at performers.

“Not just skittles, don’t throw anything at your favorite artist’s face! You’re at a concert; enjoy the songs and the vibe, and sing along. You don’t necessarily need to get his attention by hurting him,” added another fan named Sherry.

Then, following the widespread acceptance of the candy company’s tweet, Skittles actually took out a full-page ad in the Los Angeles Times on Saturday, November 19, in which they encouraged people to enjoy the sweets safely.

“Protect the rainbow. Taste the rainbow. But please, don’t throw the rainbow,” the advertisement read.

This Skittles fiasco is not the first time Harry has been hit by overenthusiastic fans’ belongings. Back in October, he was also pegged in the groin by a water bottle– but he played off the incident with his signature humor.

“That’s unfortunate,” he joked while bending over in pain and shaking out his leg.

The star has also been hit by other food items before– like cold chicken nuggets.

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