After His Wife Said She’s Going To Bring Her Own Food To Thanksgiving With His Family This Year, He Told Her She Shouldn’t Bother Coming At All And Should Just Stay Home Then

Iuliia - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

A guy is married to his wife, and he says she is pretty much one of the pickiest eaters that you could ever meet.

It really does bother him that his wife is like that, but it really gets on his nerves as soon as the holiday season rolls around.

The holidays always end up being hell for him, as his wife will not eat specific meals, and then his mom ends up taking that to heart and getting hurt.

This always results in his mom and his wife fighting, which really isn’t fun at all. Since Thanksgiving is quickly approaching, his wife has been thinking about what to do for the holidays this year.

“As a compromise this year, My wife offered to bring her own food to Thanksgiving dinner,” he explained.

“I was stunned I asked if she thought this through, and she looked at me confused. I told her about how weird it’d be for her to bring her own food, especially when she wouldn’t be sharing it with anybody else, and told her to think about how mom will react.”

“She’d get very offended and upset. My wife said that it’s not her problem and that she was just trying to make it work by bringing her own meal.”

He stated once more to his wife that he knew his mom would be upset and probably wouldn’t allow her to whip out her own food to eat in front of everyone.

Well, his wife flipped out on him and said she can either eat food that she hates or she can spend Thanksgiving hungry.

Iuliia – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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