She Crashed The Funeral Of Her Ex’s Mom And Then Everyone Found Out That She’s Pregnant With His Child

pliekhova - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

A woman used to be incredibly close to the mom of her ex, and she knew her ex’s mom well before she ever ended up in a relationship with her ex.

She really did come to view her ex’s mom as her own mother figure, and even after she split up with her ex, she stayed close to his mom until she sadly passed away recently.

When she did hear the sad news that her ex’s mom had died, she was crushed. Yesterday was the funeral for her ex’s mom, and although she was not invited to attend, she decided to show up anyway.

Now, she is pregnant with her ex’s baby. Her ex is married to another woman, and while her ex separated from his wife, she ended up dating her ex.

But then, her ex decided that he did want to get back together with his wife, so he dumped her. Then she found out that she was pregnant.

“Unfortunate situation since he’s back with his wife and things are tense, but that’s the current situation,” she explained.

“I was going there just for the funeral and to pay respect to an amazing woman who treated me like her own child. I even sat at the back so as to avoid getting attention; however, attention came, and my ex’s wife came to me saying that I was not invited and crashing the funeral, so I must leave.”

Her ex’s oldest brother stepped in and pointed out that she was welcome to be there. Her ex’s brother slipped his arm around her and brought her to the front of the room.

He led her to one of the front rows, and she sat down with him right behind her ex, her ex’s wife, and their children.

pliekhova – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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