She Didn’t Give Her Brother’s Kids The Expensive Birthday Gifts She Bought For Them After Her Brother Stole Her Lego Sets Out Of Her Office To Let The Kids Play With

“So I called my parents and asked them what happened,” she said. “They said that my brother had taken a couple of sets for his kids since they are just toys. I was upset both that he had gone into my office and also gone against what I said and taken my things.”

“I usually give my niece and nephew nice gifts when they visit. For their birthdays this year, I gave each one a Switch. So the family was leaving today, and my brother was waiting for me to give them a gift. I gave them each the sets of Legos that they had opened and played with.”

“The kids seemed happy. My brother was upset because my mom had already told him that I had gotten them a PS5. I found a bundle on sale and picked it up. I’m keeping it for myself. He asked if there was any other gift, and I said no. That he had already taken their gifts from my office.”

Her brother is furious with her, as he feels that his children were entitled to the expensive gifts she had bought for them initially.

Her brother is accusing her of “punishing” his kids for something that he did, and he also said she’s “cheap” along with a couple more nasty things.

“I think his kids got a couple of hundred dollars worth of “toys” and that’s a pretty good gift,” she concluded. “Especially since he basically stole them.”

She’s left wondering if she was mean not to give her niece and nephew the original birthday presents she purchased for them. What do you think?

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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