This Flight Attendant Is Sharing Her Tips For How To Stay Safe In Hotels

As amazing as traveling is, it can come with some risks. Especially if you’re traveling alone. Flight attendants often have to deal with staying in hotels by themselves while on the job.

One flight attendant shared with her TikTok followers some of her most helpful tips and tricks for how to stay safe in a hotel alone.

Erie (@lifestyledbyerie) is a flight attendant and lifestyle content creator who makes a lot of videos about her job and traveling.

Her video on hotel safety went viral after users found that they could use her tips every time they stay somewhere alone.

The first thing Erie does when she enters her hotel room is prop the front door open with her suitcase while she looks around the room for anything sketchy. She looks for stowaways under the bed, in the closets, and in the bathroom.

Once her room looks all clear and safe, she ensures her protection by using an extra safety lock for her door.

“Safety always comes first,” Erie writes in the caption of her video. “I have had people attempt to break into my room on layovers, so I always travel with this!”

Her lock is a portable ‘door jam’ tool that you simply insert into the slot of the door lock. The tool makes it so that a door cannot be opened at all from the outside, even with a key.

TikTok; pictured above is Erie in one of her videos

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