10 Unmistakable Signs You Aren’t A Real Love Interest; You’re Just His Rebound Girl

They use a serious relationship as a coping mechanism to avoid heartache.

Suppose your new boyfriend was dumped last month and is already talking about moving in together or getting engaged. If this happens, RUN. You are his rebound girl– and it won’t last.

#3: His family and friends do not know you exist. 

A common sign that you are the rebound girl is if you have not met his friends and family. Plus, his friends and family do not even know you exist.

This is a sign that he does not view your relationship as serious enough to warrant introducing you to his inner circle.

If you have not met anyone close to him, he is not serious with you.

#4: His breakup was recent.

This one is straightforward. If his breakup/separation was within the last one to six months, you might be his rebound.

In this scenario, I am mainly speaking to serious long-term relationships, an engagement, or a marriage.

If the breakup was unexpected or sudden, you are even more likely a rebound girl.

For divorced men, this rule is 50/50 because divorces take time, and this gives them a chance to grieve the relationship– so it will come down to how much contact they have with their ex-wife post-divorce and how much he talks about her.

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