Her Dad Was The Happy Face Killer, And She’s Talking About A Red Flag From Her Childhood That Showed Who Her Dad Really Was

“Sometimes it was my grandfather, his dad, um, that was staying on the Oregon Coast, and mostly though, we were going to the Oregon Coast to visit my dad’s high school friend, who had a son my age and um, a wife,” she continued.

“So one summer, I was, I think, 14 years old, we went to the Oregon Coast and, um, visit my dad’s friend from high school who had a son named Steve, who’s now my husband. So here’s where it gets weird. Is that my dad saw that Steve and I liked each other, and we wanted to go to a movie together, but he was gonna be our chaperone.”

“So he takes us to this theater in Astoria, Oregon. You know now, knowing my dad’s double life, you know everything if is kind of weird. But at the time, when I was 14, it was very normal for my dad to wanna join along with Steve and I to go to this movie ’cause I was 14-years-old and Steve’s a year older than me, 15,” she continued.

Sounds pretty normal for a parent to want to make sure that his daughter is safe going out with someone.

“So Steve and I didn’t pick the movie. My dad actually did,” she finished.

What movie do you think he picked?

Well, he picked a very interesting one, and I can see how it’s a red flag. He picked the Mike Myers film called So I Married an Axe Murderer.

You can watch her original video here.

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