Her Sister-In-Law’s House Is So Small That People Have To Eat Their Christmas Dinner On The Floor, But Her Husband Is Refusing To Take Over Hosting This Year Because He Doesn’t Want To Hurt His Sister’s Feelings

So, the older relatives usually get to dine at the four-person dining room table. Then, a few people snag seats on the couch; meanwhile, the rest of the guests either stand to eat or get stuck sitting on the floor.

She claims that the real cherry on top of this uncomfortable situation, though, is how there is only one bathroom at her sister-in-law’s house. So, according to her, it constantly smells just horrible the entire time.

And because of all these reasons, her kids always complain whenever they have to go to their aunt’s house. And quite frankly, she agrees with her children and said she would talk to her husband about volunteering to host the holiday this year instead.

Now, she and her family are not living it up in a mansion or anything. But, they can comfortably fit all of the guests and are able to offer more than just one bathroom.

After discussing the issues with her husband, though, he actually refused to take over hosting this year. Apparently, he believes that it would hurt his sister’s feelings since his sister already knows how poor they are, and he does not want to rub it in her face.

Honestly, though, she completely disagrees with her husband’s perspective on the situation. She believes that her sister-in-law should want the guests to be comfortable.

“And I’m sure she must know that we don’t love sitting on the floor in that cramped house,” she vented.

Despite her own feelings, though, she cannot help but wonder if she just sounds like a spoiled brat or if pushing her husband to insist that they host Christmas instead is justified.

Does caring about comfort make her a brat? Is it a host’s responsibility to make sure their guests are comfortable or not? Do you think her husband not wanting to hurt his sister’s feelings is a good enough reason not to take over hosting this year? If you were in her shoes, would you keep trying to host or just go with the flow?

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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