His Girlfriend Explicitly Asked For A Sewing Machine For Her Birthday, But He Got Her A Cricut Instead, So She Was Pretty Upset, And He Ended Up Crying

He was even going to tell Sarah that he did not end up getting the sewing machine after all. But he knew his girlfriend’s tendencies, and he had no doubt that she would beg him to tell her what her new gift was before her birthday.

And since he wanted the Cricut to be a surprise, he decided to keep the gift a little secret.

Once his girlfriend’s birthday actually rolled around, though, everything went downhill immediately.

It all began when he gave Sarah the present. And before she could open it, he mentioned how he did not get the sewing machine but got her “something even cooler.”

As soon as those words left his mouth, though, he could sense his girlfriend’s disappointment. Still, Sarah tried to hide her feelings and opened the gift anyway.

At the same time, he tried to hide his feelings and hoped that she would still like the Cricut.

After Sarah actually unwrapped the gift, though, she apparently looked even more disappointed. Then, she was pretty honest with her feelings.

“Thanks… I don’t see why you couldn’t get a sewing machine, though. It isn’t hard to get one,” Sarah apparently told him.

And honestly, he was pretty put off by her unappreciation. Regardless, he still apologized for not getting the gift his girlfriend wanted.

According to him, though, Sarah did not stop there. She went on to claim that when he asks for something specific for his birthday, she gets it for him.

For instance, when he wanted a kettle, she pointed out how she didn’t get him some books.

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