Dear Men: No, These Common Behaviors Do Not Mean Women Are Flirting With You

Drobot Dean - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Have you ever been mindlessly going about your day– working at the office or shopping at a local store– and had your behavior misinterpreted as flirting? Maybe it’s because of our pandemic isolation or the fact that so many romantic advances are made online nowadays.

Whatever the reason, though, there are so many things women do while they simply exist that are commonly misinterpreted as a come-on.

But today, I am here to break some tough news: oftentimes, the most frequently misconstrued actions are actually not flirting attempts.

Instead, women online admitted that they are just being themselves. Plus, they revealed the top normal behaviors they do that lead men to think they are totally flirting when they are definitely not.


Yes, that’s right– the natural human expression to showcase happiness, excitement, or even nervousness is, more times than not, interpreted as a total flirty move.

If you catch a woman smiling while walking down the street, scanning the aisles at CVS, or even during a conversation, though, she is likely not even thinking about you.

“If you smile at them and be polite, you’re flirting. If you don’t smile and keep a straight face, you’re ‘in a mood’ or ‘on your period.'” –Ilooklikeadeer

“[Smiling] is being human. Social constructs dictate we behave as such as humans, so we do. Doesn’t mean I want to give you my number.'” –729Baoht

Drobot Dean – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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