He Allowed His Girlfriend’s Brother To Move In After Getting Laid Off, But He Refused To Get Rid Of His Dog Because Of Her Brother’s Allergies And Got Accused Of Choosing A Pet Over His Family

Al would also eat all of the food he and Ann cooked but never help out with the cooking or purchase groceries.

“Worst, Al ordered lots of fast food for himself and left wrappers, bags, and old food in his room– which made the whole apartment smell,” he added.

Still, nothing could have prepared him for what happened about a month after Al moved in. At that point, his girlfriend’s brother claimed that his allergies were getting worse and worse. So, he was eventually asked if he would be willing to put his dog Bo in a shelter.

Now, he said that would absolutely not be happening and thought that would be the end of the discussion.

However, Ann reportedly kept pushing– claiming that they needed to consider the possibility in order to accommodate her brother’s needs.

He stuck to his guns, though, and told his girlfriend no. Then, she actually accused him of being a jerk for “choosing his dog over family.”

And after that, he ultimately snapped. He pointed out how Al is not his family and has instead been nothing but a hassle ever since moving in.

So, he told Ann that if she really wanted to babysit her older brother, then she could move out and find her own place.

In fact, he also revealed how his girlfriend actually had no legal right to stay at his apartment since her name was not on the lease.

Instead, he just paid the rent and allowed Ann to live there because she was attending graduate school and did not make enough money to afford a decent apartment by herself.

Still, Ann did not give up and kept trying to convince him to prioritize Al over his dog. So, out of desperation, he ended up giving his girlfriend an ultimatum: either her brother was gone within twenty-four hours, or he kicked both Ann and Al out of his apartment.

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