He Forced His Son To Go To School The Day After Staying Up Late And Secretly Watching Netflix, But His Wife Thinks That Was Too Harsh Of A Consequence

Anyway, his son ended up going to school as usual. Right after his son arrived home, though, he immediately went to bed. Now, his wife had been working all night and had missed all of what had happened. So, by the time she got home, she was concerned and asked if their son was sick.

He told his wife that their son definitely was not sick, though, and told her about how he had been up all night. Shockingly, though, his wife completely disagreed with how he handled the situation. In fact, she called him a total jerk for making their kid go to school, knowing that he was tired. She also claimed that they could have punished their son in a different way.

Honestly, though, he still believes that natural consequences are the most effective punishments– especially because they often work with his kids.

“I do the majority of the day-to-day parenting since my wife works a lot, and I know this works for all three of them,” he said.

Regardless, his wife is still insisting that he should have just allowed his son to stay home. Plus, she claims that by not doing that, he is going to ruin their son’s sleep schedule.

So now, with his wife pretty angry at him, he has been left wondering if forcing his son to go to school following a really late night was the best way to handle the situation or not.

Do you think his son knew what he was doing by sneaking the iPad into his bedroom and staying up late to watch a movie? Do you believe that by forcing his son to go to school, he was teaching his kid a valuable lesson? Or do you think his wife’s approach would have been better? What would you have done? 

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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