She Told Her Mother, Who Has A Lot Of Disabilities, That She Is Better Off Living With Her Sister Than Moving Back In With Her For Various Reasons, But Now Her Mom Feels Like She Just Doesn’t Want Her Around

Drobot Dean - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This twenty-six-year-old woman has, unfortunately, been struggling with her mother– who is fifty-six and has a lot of disabilities.

Apparently, she used to be her mother’s caregiver until she just could not handle it anymore. It’s not that her mother needed more care or anything. She just simply could not keep up with her mother’s demands and lack of patience.

“My mother is very demanding, and if something is not done when she wants it or how she wants it, she gets really mad fast,” she revealed.

Another large issue was her mother’s lack of boundary awareness. For instance, whenever she or her husband would ask that her mother not do something with their children, her mother would insist on doing it anyway– claiming that she could do whatever she wanted since she was their grandma.

She also recalled how her mother would constantly refer to her kids as “her babies.” For instance, her mom would ask, “How’s my baby doing?” or say, “Don’t be mean to my baby.” And she was forced to correct her mom constantly.

“I don’t agree with how my mom raised me and my siblings. So, I have no desire to have her help with mine,” she admitted.

More recently, though, there has been a new issue in their relationship– and it has to do with her mom’s place of residence.

Since her mom requires a lot of health attention, her mom recently moved out of her home and moved to another state in order to live with her sister.

And even though this transition happened just over a month ago, her mom already wants to come back and live with her again.

Drobot Dean – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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