5 Totally Acceptable Reasons To Cut Friends Out Of Your Life And Not Feel Guilty About It 

But, as the saying goes, after three strikes, they should be out. Stop allowing people to repeat harmful behavior in your life without showing them any real consequences. You are not a pushover. So, refuse to entertain that sort of immaturity and say goodbye guilt-free.

2. You Walk On Eggshells

Confrontation makes people squirm– I get it. You might be nervous, anxious, or just fearful of how someone will respond to you calling them out.

But, if you and a friend can never talk about “real” issues in your relationship, that is a problem.

You should never have to feel like you are walking on eggshells around someone– putting on a happy face to avoid confrontation or, worse, passive aggressiveness.

Healthy relationships require two people who are dedicated to learning and growing together. So, if you feel like the friendship is stagnant and surface-level– with no issues ever really being resolved– the relationship probably is not benefiting your life.

3. History Is The Only Thing They Have Going For Them

Yes, childhood friends can be amazing. I am lucky enough to still be super close with my best friend– who I met all the way back in fourth grade. Talk about feeling old.

But shared memories and years of friendship cannot be the only thing keeping your relationship afloat. And it if is, you probably have noticed that the conversation dries up real quick.

Instead, friendships require sincere care, genuine interest, and a commitment to learning about each other that surpasses “the past” and becomes a wholly “present” endeavor. So, if you and your childhood friend have heartfelt memories together– but maybe are not really there for each other as adults anymore– that is totally okay.

But save yourself the heartache of feeling pushed aside or left behind. Rather, realize that it is natural, and you can find a much more fulfilling relationship elsewhere by focusing on making new memories in the present.

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