Here’s A Cute Valentine’s Day Gift Idea If Your Best Friend Loves Perfume And Roses

marrakeshh - - illustrative purposes only

You already know that Valentine’s Day is all about love. However, that doesn’t mean the day is reserved solely for your significant other.

You probably have multiple people in your life that you love and appreciate, such as a favorite teacher, a cousin who’s like a sibling to you, and of course, your besties.

How many times have you shared a laugh with your best friend over an inside joke or talked for hours over the phone about anything and everything?

So if you haven’t already made it a habit of celebrating your BFF on Valentine’s Day, it’s time to start now!

Every girl has a signature scent, so you can’t go wrong with gifting them their favorite perfume. But don’t just stick it in a gift bag and leave it at that.

The presentation of the gift matters too.

TikToker @yarelzzz has a cute and unique Valentine’s Day idea that involves perfume, and she’s sharing it with her followers.

And you don’t need to be a florist to pull this off!

So, she is planning on giving her bestie a flower box, complete with her favorite Dior fragrance. To do this, you’ll need a box, preferably two bouquets of fresh flowers and about three blocks of floral foam, depending on your box size.

marrakeshh – – illustrative purposes only

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