She Brought A Birthday Cake To A Restaurant And Was Shocked When The Bill Came And She Was Charged $25 For The Server To Cut The Cake

Svetlana Lukienko - - illustrative purposes only

A woman on TikTok has gone viral for announcing that she was charged $25 for having a server cut a cake at a restaurant.

A TikTok user named Gigi (@vivala_blondiiie) was enjoying a night out with three friends at a restaurant where she brought in a birthday cake as a gift to one of her friends.

In the clip, she showed off her receipt with the evidence. There was an order for one Sancho Reyes, one Peach Paradise, two Insalada pizzas, and, most shockingly, a charge for $25 for one cake cut.

Gigi explained that a server offered to cut the cake for her. Thinking the server was simply doing something nice for her, she allowed them to cut the cake.

Imagine her surprise when she received the bill and found out that was not the case! Gigi worked as a server for six years.

However, she admitted she didn’t know a cake-cutting charge was a thing because that was never practiced at the restaurant she previously worked at.

Furthermore, the server never informed her that there would be a charge.

Gigi clarified in the comments section that she was not upset about there being a charge.

She was just shocked because she did not have prior knowledge about it and because $25 seemed like a hefty cost for something so simple.

Svetlana Lukienko – – illustrative purposes only

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