She Loves Her Dad, But His New Wife Is Unbearable, So She Told Her Dad She Can’t Spend Time With Him If His Wife Will Be There Too, And He Didn’t Take That Well

Her half-sister has bipolar depression, and it affected their childhood years. Her parents struggled to get her the help she needed, and she would often run away.

Finally, after years of back and forth, her parents allowed her sister to live with different family members she felt more comfortable with.

Brenda gave her unsolicited opinion on this matter a few years back during their visit. Brenda said that if she had raised her half-sister, she wouldn’t have had as many problems.

However, she also went as far as to say that their mother was in the wrong and didn’t manage her mental illness properly. 

She snapped at Brenda, telling her she knew nothing about that period of their lives and had no clue what she was talking about.

Since then, Brenda has refused to speak to her anytime she visits her dad. She won’t even say “hello” to her.

She asked her dad to talk to Brenda because it made their visits very uncomfortable, but he said they had to work it out between themselves.

So, therefore, she told him she would only visit him if Brenda wasn’t around.

He then told her he would not be anywhere where Brenda wasn’t invited, even if that meant he had to miss visits with his daughter.

“I love him, but I’m not going to let her disrespect me anymore,” she added. 

She wrote a letter to her dad, telling him that she is distancing herself from him because she no longer wants to be victimized by his wife and that when he is ready to apologize and make amends, she would be willing to try seeing him again.

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