She’s No Longer Eating Meat, And When She Let Her Boyfriend Know She Wasn’t Going To Be Buying Or Making Any Meat Dishes For Him, He Got Upset

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This 24-year-old girl lives with her boyfriend, who is 27, and they both equally split all of their expenses.

The single expense they don’t split is food. She purchases groceries for herself to just cook and enjoy, and he purchases his own food too.

She tries to cook things on the more healthy side, whereas her boyfriend ends up buying microwave dinners and junk food.

Her boyfriend rarely cooks, but she cooks all the time and enjoys doing it. She does share anything she makes with her boyfriend, but if he ends up not liking it, he heats up his microwave dinner instead.

Not that long ago, she decided to stop eating meat. While she says she arrived at this decision for several reasons, she predominantly is no longer eating meat because it doesn’t agree with her.

She did let her boyfriend know that she was going meatless, and he really was encouraging about this lifestyle change of hers.

Last weekend, she went grocery shopping, and she picked up everything she normally gets, along with a few things that are new and meatless.

She did not buy any meat because she feels that it’s not on her to buy it if she has no interest in eating it.

“When my BF came home to find a meat-free dinner (veggie fried rice, potato pot stickers, and grilled veggie kabobs,) he was visibly irritated,” she explained.

gstockstudio – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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