She’s No Longer Eating Meat, And When She Let Her Boyfriend Know She Wasn’t Going To Be Buying Or Making Any Meat Dishes For Him, He Got Upset

“When I asked him what was wrong, he said it was nothing. But then he went to the kitchen, and I heard fridge doors and cabinets slamming.”

He stormed back into their dining room and demanded to know why some old frozen chicken was the only meat in their house.

She replied back to him that since she’s not eating meat, that means she’s not going to be cooking it or buying it either.

“He lashed out and accused me of trying to force vegetarianism on him,” she said. “I told him he was free to buy his own meat and cook it himself. I just didn’t want to do it anymore. He kept saying I was being a typical vegan, forcing my beliefs on others.”

“After he said that, I snapped. I shouted about how he never even buys groceries; it’s always out of my money. I basically called him out on how I keep the kitchen stocked, and he never even offers to pay even a portion of it.”

Her boyfriend walked out of their house and went to sleep over at her brother’s place for the night, as they’re really good friends.

While her boyfriend went to her brother’s, he told her brother about their meat issue, and now her whole family is accusing her of being “controlling” as well as not nice for not wanting to make meat dishes for her boyfriend.

“I don’t shop for the household,” she clarified. “I shop for the things I want. My BF is just welcome to help himself.”

“I don’t like frozen pizzas or…snacks, but my BF does, so he buys those things for himself.”

“We’re not some movie couple who sits down to a meal together every night. It’s more like I leave a pot of food on the stove and let him know it’s there after making my plate.”

She’s left wondering if it’s not ok for her to no longer want to make anything that includes meat for her boyfriend.

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