In 2010, This Alabama Teen Vanished After Going To A Flea Market: The Car She Had Been Driving Was Later Found Rummaged Through And Abandoned On The Side Of A Bypass 

“We have a thing with me and my kids where we call each other every day, especially Tarasha. I knew there was something strange when I didn’t hear from her,” she said.

Regina ultimately contacted the police and learned what unfolded after Tarasha and Telisha left for the flea market. Apparently, Telisha had allowed the 17-year-old to drive her truck. However, what exactly happened after they split up remained unknown.

Tarasha’s family then traveled to the bypass– the last location the 17-year-old was seen– to search. And upon arriving at the vehicle, Regina detailed how it appeared as though someone had rummaged through the car.

“Stuff was thrown out on the side by it, and we searched and searched,” she revealed.

Unfortunately, though, Regina never found her daughter. And to this day, the 17-year-old’s disappearance remains unsolved.

But, according to Regina, Selma is a small town– leading her to believe that someone, somewhere, knows more information.

“I know there’s somebody out there that knows something about my daughter being missing. If it was me and I knew something, I would tell it because I wouldn’t want a mother to go through the pain that I go through every day,” she said.

Over the years, Regina has worked diligently to keep Tarasha’s case in the limelight. She searched in Selma, appeared on the Maury Show to shed light on the case, and also created a Facebook group to spread awareness on social media.

In 2016, there was hope regarding a potential break in the case. That year, Selma police received a tip that resulted in a search for human remains behind an abandoned building located on the bypass. The site was not very far from where Tarasha vanished after driving her friend’s truck on the morning of June 26, 2010.

Following days of combing through the area, though, the widespread search effort did not lead to any new evidence.

The police department had received a tip from a Dallas County Sheriff’s Department informant that one or two bodies had been burned behind Top Class Lounge. This tip was related to Tarasha Benjamin’s case, as well as various other ongoing missing person cases.

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