One Mom Is Calling Out The Unrealistic Standards Social Media Has Set Surrounding The Idea Of A Pristine Home

Delcio F/ - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

We’ve all seen the aesthetically pleasing pictures of the inside of homes online. There are spotless kitchens outfitted with all stainless steel appliances, neutral-toned living rooms complete with matching furniture sets, and minimalist bedrooms featuring a neatly-made bed covered in crisp white sheets.

Everything looks untouched. Nothing is out of place. Clutter is absolutely nonexistent in these homes. It makes us feel bad about ourselves, and we question why our homes don’t look like that.

One mom is calling out the unrealistic standards social media has set surrounding the idea of pristine homes. On social media, all we see are curated photos that are most definitely heavily edited.

But where are the people who have regular houses?

TikToker Hannah (@hannahhomeeducates) is wondering if people still have normal homes. Or is everyone somehow maintaining an Instagram-perfect interior?

Hannah opened her video by explaining that she no longer scrolls on the “picture apps” because of how they made her feel. But lately, she’s been seeing a lot of pretty houses, people, and clothes on TikTok, which prompted her to make this video, asking if others felt the same way.

Then, she conducted a tour of her very lived-in home, pointing out all the little flaws we don’t see on social media.

Here are just a few examples of the imperfections in her house. On her ceiling, there are spots with chipped paint. She doesn’t have a headboard for her bed and isn’t planning on getting one any time soon.

Finally, she zoomed in on her twelve-year-old bedroom furniture, which was originally white but is now discolored, despite frequent cleanings. Plus, the handles of her dresser don’t match. Some of the knobs are white, and the others are gray.

Delcio F/ – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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