She Reminded Her Teen Sister That It Wasn’t Her Fault Their Mom Wasn’t A Fit Parent, And She Could Have Just Left Her In Foster Care Instead Of Stepping Up To Take Her In, But Ever Since She Said That, Her Sister Has Given Her The Silent Treatment

“Anyway, I ended up replying that you going to foster care was not my fault was to doing of your mother and that I could have just left you there,” she said.

Her sister got mad at her for that and even made a threat that she would run off to live with their mom, who is still suffering from the same things she suffered with when they were kids.

Her sister is currently not speaking to her and also won’t sit down and eat dinner with her and her younger brother.

“Our brother thinks she is overreacting and is mad at her for continuing to speak to our mom even after she chose to speak ill of me,” she continued.

“I  am just worried and feel that I crossed a line that I never should’ve crossed.”

Do you think it was mean of her to remind her sister that she could have stayed in foster care if she had not stepped in?

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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