She Shared A Video Demonstrating The Power Of The “Mom Voice” And So Many Moms Can Relate To Having To Use This Tool

Roman - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person or child

Babies are born into the world looking so sweet and innocent. After they’re all cleaned up, of course. They can do nothing more than coo, cry, and babble.

Eventually, once they’re a little bigger, they’ll grace us with their angelic smiles that can warm anyone’s heart.

Before you know it, your tiny newborn has grown into a mischievous, adventurous toddler, always getting into some sort of trouble.

And what do you do when your kid is causing mischief? Use your “mom voice” to get them to stop. I’m sure most people are familiar with the mom voice, whether you’ve experienced it with your own mom or you’ve used it yourself on your kids.

The mom voice is when a mother projects her voice in a manner that will get children (or even other adults) to listen up and abruptly do as they’re told.

TikTok user Kasey Bryan (@kaseybryan_) shared a nine-second clip demonstrating exactly the effect that a mom’s voice can have. “This is ‘mom voice’ explained in one video,” she wrote in the text overlay.

In the video, her young daughter Aspen was running across the moving walkway at an airport. Then, Aspen suddenly sat down in the middle of the walkway.

Kasey can be heard in the background urging her daughter to get up and keep running before she gets pinched by the escalator.

Roman – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person or child

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