She Thought Someone Had Cut Her Son’s Hair Without Her Knowing, But Then She Found Out That Their Guinea Pigs Were To Blame

Oleg Batrak - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual guinea pigs

One woman recently had a freakout moment when she noticed that it looked like someone had been cutting her young son’s hair without her knowledge. What if I told you that the hair-cutting culprits were guinea pigs?

Breez Harley (@breezharley), a mom and TikTok creator, recently went viral after showing viewers what her pet guinea pigs have been doing to her son’s hair. 

“So my baby has long hair, and he’s a boy,” Breez told her viewers. “I’ve been noticing his bangs look like someone cut them.”

Her son’s hair was beginning to resemble a mullet as he would walk up to her with the choppiest, most uneven bangs.

Over time, they kept getting shorter and shorter. Since Breez had never seen her son cutting his hair, she had no idea what was happening.

“Then, my boyfriend sends me this video while I’m at work,” said Breez. 

Breez then cuts to her boyfriend’s video, which shows her son walking right up to their pet guinea pig’s enclosure. Breez and her family own two guinea pigs who get excited when her son walks up to their cage.

When her son walks up to the cage, he is at eye level with the guinea pigs themselves, who can’t resist taking little bites of hair from his bangs as soon as his head pops up. 

Yup, the mystery hairstylists are the family guinea pigs.

Oleg Batrak – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual guinea pigs

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