She’s Teaching You How To Actually Win At A Claw Machine

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Claw machines are a major attraction in arcades. And it’s no wonder. Who can resist the adorable colorful plushies on display in brightly lit boxes?

It’s an enticing form of entertainment because you can spend as much or as little time as you want to play it.

Many people also love the thrill of taking a chance and knowing that the toy of their choice could be within their grasp in one dexterous move.

It’s a game of luck and skill, and unfortunately, most claw machine players lack both and consistently fumble the bag, letting the prize slip from their fingers.

And then, they start the process all over again–inserting coins into the slot, maneuvering the joystick, and pressing the button–receiving the same results until they’re out of money or patience.

TikToker Lyssy Noel (@lyssynoel) is teaching you some tips and techniques so you can actually win something from a claw machine for once.

The first tip is to always go for a prize near the chute. If the claw accidentally dropped your prize, it would simply fall into the chute and right into your hands.

Secondly, aim the claw toward the smaller portion of the plushie you hope to snag. In her video, Lyssy demonstrates with a stuffed bunny from the claw machine.

“So for this bunny, for instance, I grabbed it by its lower body because the head was too big to grab. It held on a lot easier this way, and I was able to win the rabbit,” explained Lyssy.

vacharapong – – illustrative purposes only

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