This 5th Grade Teacher Is Explaining How To Multiply Fractions In A Brilliant Way

Natalia - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual child

Math homework is complicated and more confusing than ever, especially with the new common core standards teaching kids different methods of solving equations.

The way students are currently being taught math is completely foreign to parents, making it near-impossible for them to help their kids with their math homework.

As a result, math homework leaves parents just as frustrated as their children, particularly when it comes to fractions. Fractions are already intimidating and difficult to understand.

Plus, students are given a flood of complicated terms to memorize, such as numerator, denominator, improper, and proper.

A fifth-grade teacher from Ohio named Lauran Woolley (@mrs.woolleyin5th) is showing you how to multiply fractions in a simple and straightforward way on TikTok.

So parents, when your kids anxiously pull out their math worksheet, you’ll be able to tackle the problems with confidence and help take the fear out of fractions.

When working with fractions, a big keyword to look for is the word “of.” If you see “of,” that means you will be multiplying.

Take this story problem, for example. Rose lives 2/3 of a mile from school. Her bike broke down 2/5 of the way to school. What part of a mile did she go before it broke?

So the equation you need to solve is 2/3 multiplied by 2/5. The best part about multiplying fractions is that you can just multiply straight across and reduce.

Natalia – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual child

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