5 Flowers You Can Plant In Your Garden If You Have Allergies

Veronika Idiyat - - illustrative purposes only

The spring season produces sunny skies, green grass, and luscious blooms, all of which people look forward to after the snowfalls of winter.

But spring is a dreaded time for those who suffer from allergies. With all the pollen that fresh flowers release into the air, these lovely, harmless-looking blossoms are actually their worst enemies, wreaking havoc upon their lives.

All that sneezing, coughing, and itching makes it tough to enjoy the beauty that spring brings. Maybe you never thought it was possible, but you can brighten your living space this spring and live in harmony with beautiful blooms.

The key to enjoying flowers in and around your home is to select ones that don’t trigger your allergies. Here are five types of flowers that are safe for allergy sufferers to be around.


Hydrangeas are easy on the eyes, literally. Not only are they gorgeous and voluminous, but they also don’t exacerbate allergy symptoms.

Now you can marvel at the colorful clusters of blooms and the fact that you will be freed from the shackles of itchiness.


You’ll be happy to hear that roses made it onto the list. Everyone should be able to bask in the glory of this classic, elegant flower.

Veronika Idiyat – – illustrative purposes only

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