He And His Wife Went House Shopping, And After His Brother-In-Law Started Picking Out His Room, He Told His Brother-In-Law He Can’t Move With Them

His brother-in-law gave him a strange look, and so did his wife, who asked why her brother wouldn’t join them in the new house. 

He explained that the only reason they were looking for a bigger home was to have more room for more kids, not more room for their kids and her brother. 

His wife suggested that their kids share a room while her brother has his own, but he said it wouldn’t be fair to stick their daughter in a room with a crying baby. 

While in the car, his wife turned directly to her brother and told him they would work something out. He said no and that her brother still needed to move out because he was never supposed to live with them permanently.

“My wife is upset and is firm on her brother coming with us and told me I’m selfish and inconsiderate of people,” he said. “I did start to feel like a jerk after I thought about it.”

Should he feel bad for telling his brother-in-law that he needs to find his own place?

You can read the original post on Reddit here. 

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