Her Sister Expects Her To Babysit Her Niece And Nephew For The Entire Summer, But She Said No Because She Doesn’t Like Babysitting

AnnaHar - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Many people say that taking care of kids is like a “full-time job,” and many parents or childcare workers would agree with that statement.

One woman is unsure of what to do after her sister asked her to watch her two young kids every day for the entire upcoming summer. 

She’s 20-years-old and has an older sister who is the mother of two kids, ages nine and six. 

She and her husband recently moved to the same city her sister lives in so her husband could be closer to his job. She used to work two jobs, but after their move, she’s been able to have a break and has been unemployed for two months. 

Her sister and her brother-in-law both work full-time jobs. With the summer coming up, they’ll need someone to watch their kids during the day.

Recently, her sister called her and asked her if she was planning on getting a job anytime soon. When she told her no, her sister was thankful, as she was having a hard time finding someone who would watch her kids over the summer and needed her to do it.

The biggest issue her sister was having with finding a babysitter was the price, as she and her husband struggled to find childcare under $1,300 a month. 

Then, she realized that she would have to watch her niece and nephew for nine hours a day, five days a week, for two to three months. So, therefore, she told her sister no, she would not be babysitting her kids. 

“I do not like to babysit or watch children,” she explained. “I do not enjoy it at all, despite them being my nephews and nieces.”

AnnaHar – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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