Here’s A Cute Little Tulip Craft That Will Definitely Keep Kids Entertained

TikTok - @timmsevitz

If you’re looking to keep any little ones entertained, have them create some cute and inexpensive crafts to pass the time.

This DIY project we have for you here today is an idea that’s budget-friendly and encourages recycling. Kids of all skill levels can participate in the project.

TikToker Timm Sevitz (@timmsevitz) is inviting you to celebrate Easter with this fun, easy spring-themed craft that will bring more color and cheer to the festivities.

And it involves an unlikely component: toilet paper rolls! Give ordinary cardboard rolls a touch of springtime by transforming them into pretty paper flowers.

With some leftover cardboard tubes, scissors, and a little paint, your kids can create a beautiful bouquet that is sure to impress. Here’s how to start!

First, grab an empty toilet paper roll and flatten it. Then, using a pencil, draw a loose sketch of a tulip on the front.

Make sure the top of the tulip’s leaves and the sides of the flower meet at the folds of the toilet paper roll.

Cut the tulip shape out with a pair of craft scissors. You can use cutouts from other tubes as a template to make more flowers.

Now, here comes the fun part. Paint the tulip in lots of bright spring colors. Shades of pastel pink, purple, and blue are ideal choices.

Once the paint is dry, round out the paper tube again so the tulip is standing upright.

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