Here’s An Adorable Raindrop Counting Activity You Can Make With Your Child

TikTok - @happytotshelf

Knowing how to count is an essential life skill that kids need to master. It’s the foundation of math fluency and paves the way to learning more advanced mathematical concepts.

Counting often comes naturally to children. They might start doing it seemingly out of nowhere. However, it can quickly grow tedious for them.

So if you want to enrich the learning process of counting for your child, introduce activities that make counting exciting.

There are plenty of educational and entertaining games kids can play to sharpen their counting skills and further cement the lesson in their heads.

TikToker @happytotshelf is sharing a fun, hands-on learning activity for children ages two through eight that involves counting “raindrops.”

This counting activity can be done inside your home on a rainy day.

It develops their skills in mathematics by practicing the use of number names and counting in order, helping kids make the connection between written numbers and visualizing quantities.

It also exercises your child’s cognitive abilities, such as problem-solving, reasoning, and using memory.

Here’s how it works. When given a number, like sixteen, kids can count out the number of raindrops, which are actually dyed cotton swabs, on the board.

To put the counting activity together, start by cutting out a piece of cardboard. Next, draw a cloud at the top of the cardboard and cover the cloud with some clear packing tape.

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