He’s Left Feeling Super Uncomfortable Around His Mother-In-Law After She Had A Wardrobe Malfunction While They Were In His Hot Tub

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Have you ever had an uncomfortable moment with an in-law? Unfortunately, an awkward interaction between you and your partner’s parents is bound to happen at some point. 

One man has started to feel really uncomfortable around his mother-in-law after she had a wardrobe malfunction in front of him, and now he doesn’t want to be around her anymore. 

He’s 31-years-old and married to his wife, who is 28. His mother-in-law had his wife when she was only 14, so she’s 42.

His wife and her mom have always acted more like friends or sisters than they have mother and daughter.

His mother-in-law has a young spirit and personality for her age. She has never treated him like a son-in-law but more like a friend. Despite that, he’s always tried to remain respectful and treat her more like a parental figure. 

Recently, he’s been seeing a lot more of his mother-in-law as his wife loves having her around, and she helps them with things around the house.

But, unfortunately, he’s had a few interactions with her that have made him a bit uncomfortable. For example, she often wears low-cut shirts, and her chest has sometimes brushed up against him in the kitchen.

Although she’s not outwardly flirty with him, she is very touchy. His wife explained that she’s always been that way with everyone she knows. 

However, things escalated for him recently when his mother-in-law had a wardrobe malfunction while they were in his hot tub. 

Finmiki – – illustrative purposes only

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